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We spoke to Andrea Rojas, manager at Katarata Outdoors, who recommended some activities you simply cannot miss.

1) Sailing on the Lake: an aquatic city tour can become an exciting adventure if you sail on a speedboat. The ride starts 200 meters north of Puerto Varas square –at the dock. Sailing at 55 kms/hour around the bay and river bank, even boarding the city of Llanquihue or Niklitschek Beach. It is the perfect postcard with panoramic views of the natural surroundings. This fun experience is complemented with a “floating” mode around points of interest where the captain tells some interesting historical tales about this destination. Further details at Katarata Outdoors.

2) Enjoying a delicious traditional meals with a view of the Lake and Volcanoes: Mirador del Lago restaurant from Hotel Cabaña del Lago has released a brand new menu. The ideal opportunity to try the traditional food from the zone with a stunning view of Lake Llanquihue and Osorno, Calbuco and Puntiagudo volcanoes. The restaurant –opens from Mondays to Sundays – offers buffet breakfasts; three-course lunches and á la carte dinners.

3) Going around Lake Llanquihue on a bicycle: You can enjoy a beautiful 160 kms trail around the biggest lake in Chile. Discover endless traces of German colonization from mid XIX century, as well as the exuberant nature and breathtaking landscapes.

4) Visiting artisan brewery: There are many breweries in the area. One of them is Chester Beer brewery, which has been producing artisan beer for 5 years in Puerto Varas. Near Frutillar, boarding the lake with breathtaking views of the Andes mountain range and the whole area, you will find Salzburg brewery, who has been captivating visitors with different varieties of Bock, Stout and Pale Ale for a couple of years.

5) Museum and Art: The Pablo Fierro Museum is an art gallery where you can find not only works of art from different authors, but also relics from the region and from all across Chile. The entrance is free of charge, it opens from Monday to Saturday. Alternatively, you can find Machmar Windmill Art Center (CAMM for its initials in Spanish), epicenter of culture in Puerto Varas This project- located in a building donated by the Wellman family- offers a program with varied cultural shows for the rest of the year.

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