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By Sabrina Chinelato and Henrique Fonseca.

It was not by coincidence that we chose Puerto Varas to spend the end of the year. This charming city on the shores of Lake Llanquihue we loved the many options of outdoor activities, the Chilean-German tradition and a truly impressive natural setting.

But besides all the attractions of Puerto Varas, what we really loved about the city was the time we spent at Cabaña del Lago Hotel. With its charming architecture and a privileged location in one of the most charming places on the lake shore, we could not have chosen a better place to stay.

All the cozy structure and the hotel have provided unforgettable, relaxing and funny moments. We took advantage of the impressive views of the lake and enjoyed a beautiful and colorful sunset inside of our own room. We spent a funny afternoon in the heated pool. And as it could not miss, we had a magical Christmas night, with a delicious dinner at the Mirador del Lago Restaurant.

Even with all the charm of the structure and the location of the hotel, what made us feel at home was the family atmosphere of the hotel, preserves the traditions and typical German customs. All the staff were so friendly and caring with us, we felt we were with our family during the period we stayed at the Cabaña del Lago Hotel.

This was the first time of end of the year that we spent away from home during our tour of the World Tour. We could not have chosen such a perfect place to enjoy these important dates. No matter how far we arrive and even with so many objectives still to be known, Cabaña del Lago Hotel and the city of Puerto Varas will always be unforgettable for us.

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In October 2016, the Brazilian couple Sabrina and Henrique left their country for a fascinating trip around the world aboard a Land Rover Defender. The purpose of these adventurers is to visit the most remote places of the five continents, in three and a half years. On their website they announce everything about this great project. Access www.terraadentro.com and travel around the world with Terra Adentro.

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