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When you will arrive into our Hotel, you will obtain a “Journey’s Log”, there you will find 12 “little challenges” to do your trip, something remarkable. Here are the information necessary for you to do them all!

1. Close your eyes and feel the sound of the rain falling into the lake
Near to our Hotel, it is located our beautiful Llanquihue Lake, always aware of what is happening in our city. You can walk by the coastal road to admire that, besides be witness how the rain is falling.
Breathe, close your eyes and be grateful.

2. Take a Selfie with the Osorno Volcano at the Background
In every corner of Puerto Varas, you can take a photo with the majesty of the Osorno Volcano, one of the guardians of Puerto Varas, together with the Calbuco Volcano.
If you are interested to do a close-up, we recommend you to take a tour that some local agencies offer to the public, with destiny to the Sky Resort and Mountain Osorno Volcano, which is located at 1.240 meters, and it takes about an hour of driving from our city. There you will be able to be part of the outstanding landscape, glaciers, snow and panoramic views of the Lake and the Pacific Ocean.
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3. Embark and delight with a tour on barge over Llanquihue Lake
Seal for all over the Lake – the second largest of Chile, with 86.000 of grasslands and tour the Puerto Varas Bay is an activity that you must have in your to-do list.
Every day there are set sails available to do some trips and it takes an hour approx. Near to our Hotel, there is a Company that offers the service. Departures are in the following timetables: 12.30 AM, 17.00 PM, 19.00 PM. To get more info:

4. Taste the Chef’s Suggestions in our Mirador del Lago Restaurant, while you are able to see the panoramic view of the Lake
In the journeys, what we most remembered are the flavors, and we are sure that you will not forget the feelings that our Restaurant will make you experienced. In our Menu, You can find delighted dishes with origin in the South of Chile, especially seafood, but at the same time, meats such as lamb and steak. We definitely recommend you taste the ceviche, prepared by our Executive Chef Diego Inzunza and Culinary Master Camilo Villarroel. This dish obtained the first place in a regional competition. With the view at the background and delicious food you will have an unforgettable experience!
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5. Enjoy as a child! Go for a swim down in the sled in our heated panoramic swimming pool
Fun and relaxation is what offers you our swimming pool of 200 meters, the largest in Puerto Varas. With kids or without them, you will enjoy this huge and comfortable air-conditioned space, located in the Club House of our hotel, with large windows to swim looking at the lake.

6. Try our ancestral drinks, quiches and our typical sandwiches in Tronador Bar
Warmth is what you breathe in our bar, located on the sixth floor of our Hotel with a beautiful view of the lake. An excellent alternative when you want to eat something more relaxed. The Menu offers original cocktails, with products of the region, such as the murta sour and salty or sweet delicious alternatives to taste the flavors of the south. If you visit us on a weekend, you can’t miss the Karaoke nights on Fridays and Saturdays, from 20:00 hrs. To get more info:

7. Enjoy the warmth of a poncho next to a brazier and the taste of a good wine
On the terrace of our Tronador Bar, in a privileged terrace with a view of the Llanquihue Lake, you can enjoy this wonderful scene. A safety pin that will remain in your memory!

8. Start or end the day in the best possible way: with a good bath in one of our Hot tubs located in the Hotel
On a trip it is always important to devote a few hours of leisure and relaxation for our body to rest. What better way to do it in one of our Hot tubs! One of them is located next to the swimming pool of our Club House, while the other can be found near our cabins of Club del Lago. The last mentioned, you must book in advance and it has a additional cost. We’re pretty sure that you will relax with the magnificent view of the Llanquihue Lake!
For more information, please ask in our Front Desk.

9. Connect with the wildlife in one of the 15th most important natural monuments of Chile: the Lahuen Nadi
It’s Located at 50 kilometers from Puerto Varas, this park has a surface area of 200 hectares, whose purpose is to protect species such as the chucao (kind of bird) , huet-huet (kind of bird) , thorn-tailed rayadito and the Darwin toad. In addition, its varied flora, highlighting the larch, coigüe, myrtle and cinnamon tree. Their main natural trails are Los Chucos and Los Carpinteros. Alone or accompanied, without a doubt, you will enjoy if you are a nature- lover. To get more info, you can visit

10. Delight yourself with the culture, gastronomy and architecture of Teatro Del Lago
Teatro Del Lago is a place nestled in the Llanquihue Lake, in the city of Frutillar, whose essence is to be a pole of artistic and educational development for Latin America and The World, through the promotion of national and foreign artists. Go there and ignite your senses!
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11. Take a deep breath and pedal as fast as you can by the Costanera Avenue of the Llanquihue Lake
From Puerto Varas to Puerto Octay there are 81 kilometers of bicycle line exclusively for bikers, at the same time this road is the longest in Chile. If you love this sport, we recommend it. During the journey, which you can do through our bicycle rental service, you can see unique landscapes that blend the beauty of the lake, the volcanoes, the vegetation and the typically German style architecture. A relish for the senses!

12. Share an Instagram Storie with the sound of the Petrohue Falls
Petrohue Falls is a magical place that is located in the Vicente Pérez Rosales National Park, close to the path toward Petrohué. Be wondered with its waterfalls, the intense green of its foliage and its varied fauna!
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