ÜÑÜ, An entrepreneurship to the rescue of Chiloe

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Nowadays on ÜNÜ – which the meaning of the word is related to a fruit called Murta (scientific name Ugni Molinae) – work 12 artisans, who are in charge to develop different kinds of manufacturing of products with the following materials: wood, wool, fiber and stones. These creations – with an additional value due to the design – are commercialized; but the aim of the project isn’t only that because at the same time it’s also focused on the meaningful consumption, in other words, the idea is to do some contributions with money obtained of the sales of this products. Constantly, they do some improvements to the workshop of these people and help to the environment through reforestation. Cabaña Del Lago Hotel is one of the companies who put the trust on them.

Javier García, successful publicist of a know brand company, one day decided to leave his work to accomplish a dream, what he calls his purpose of life: ÜNÜ, a social project with innovation, which the main aim is to be a continues source of employment for the Artisans of Chiloe. After 12 years of ups and downs and knowing the Island with his Bike, Javier felt the necessity to do something for these talented citizens.

Together with Nadim Araka –who loved the idea ¬– created this entrepreneurship that works like this: The artisans put their creations such as chairs, benches, tables, flower boxes ponchos and even original lamps, screens and baskets made from recycled products of ropes, traps or iron pot from the fishing industry. The company buys the products to sell, and then spread the information via Social media in platforms like Instagram, Facebook, E-commerce and “El Secreto” Store, which is located in San Lucas 230, Lo Barnechea, Santiago de Chile. When a creation have been sold, a percentage of the earning is deliver to contribute to improved and remodeled the infrastructure and the tools been used by the Artisans, and other percentage is assigned to reforestation, at least one or twice at year.

Javier García, founder and dreamer owner said: “The idea of ÜNÜ is to stand out the Chiloe’s Handcraft but with the old techniques and a little intervention of the tools. The priories are the use of natural elements in wooden seal and woolen painting, doing a mix with the new and up-to-date designs. At the same time, it is focus on the traceability and sustainability of the supplies of the zone, all of that helps to contribute to the conscious reforestation, together with the sponsor Nucleo Nativo Foundation

By today, there are 12 people working for ÜNÜ, men and women between of the ages from 16 to 75 years old. They receive special requirements, including from some companies.
As Javier pointed out “We have some projects underway with some hotels. These companies not only appreciate the quality of our creations that we compose, they are also appreciate what’s behind of the final product”

Besides, he adds: “Our target is not only exchange money; in addition, we want that art and culture have progress and not an expiration date. Cabana Del Lago Hotel is one of the main sponsors.

As a final message, Javier said: “We need that more organizations believe in our project, in any form that it could help us: buying a product, turn into one of our strategic associates or be part of this experience together with ÜNÜ Foundation, which main goal is to support several island’s cultural activities. We believe in innovation and entrepreneurship, and we know the additional value that this little contribution provide to the economics of the country”

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