Hotel Polices

Check-in and Check-out
Hotel Cabaña del Lago check-in time is at 3:00 pm and checkout is at 11:30 am. The hotel reception operates 24 hours per day. Early check-in and late checkout are options that incur an additional fee. The hotel must first confirm such a request. For more information on the fee for early check-in or late checkout or if you're seeking request confirmation, please write us at

Individual reservations
An individual reservation is considered to be from one to six Guest Rooms. We respond to reservation requests within 24 business hours following the request.

Cancellations for individual reservations
During high season (from October 1st through March 31st), reservations may be cancelled without incurring a fee up to five days prior to the scheduled guest arrival. During the off season (April 1st through September 30th) reservations may be cancelled without incurring a fee up to 24 hours prior to the scheduled guest arrival.
If this window has passed, the equivalent of the first night of lodging plus the VAT will be charged. If a pre-payment has been made, the refund will be carried out if and when the cancellation is done prior to the cut-off time according to each season's requirements.
Reservations of more than 7 guest rooms shall be considered as a group and quoted in a timely manner, with a special deadline, cancellation and other policies.
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No show
All reservation requests (voucher, email or other) issued by your company or agency shall back up our reservation confirmation. Any no-show fees or modifications made outside of the established time frames shall be charged using the above- mentioned back up. Said charge shall be 100% of the first night of lodging plus the 19% VAT fee.

All individuals making reservations must provide a deposit of the equivalent of 100% of the first night's lodging or may confirm the reservation by authorizing the charge on a credit card (the card will only be used as a guarantee; no immediate payment will be assessed).
Businesses and agencies without credit must pre-pay the total reservation balance. The payment deadline is seven days prior to the guest arrival date. Otherwise the price of the guest room will be directly charged to the individual guest's account.
Businesses or agencies with credit must send a voucher or email that guarantees the reservation and shall be appended to the issued invoice.
Any reserved guest rooms that do have a deposit made within the five days prior to the check-in reservation date during high season or two days during off-season shall be automatically cancelled.
Furthermore, Hotel Cabaña del Lago is authorized to cancel guest room reservations ahead of time if the guest names have not been given as a back up.

Additional beds and children included
Additional beds cost $25,000 CLP or $42 US and include the breakfast buffet in the Mirador del Lago Restaurant. Additional beds are restricted to the superior guest rooms with a limit of one per room. The maximum number of adults per guest room with an additional bed is three. Adults are considered any individual eleven years of age or above.
Standard guest rooms and Club Superior permit one infant up to two years of age sharing an existing bed or crib.
Superior guest rooms, Club Suite and Club Family Rooms offer children ten and under free lodging with breakfast included if and when they are sharing the beds that are already present in the superior guest rooms or the sofa bed in the case of the Club del Lago.

Food and Beverage
Hotel Cabaña del Lago offers a breakfast buffet served at the Mirador del Lago Restaurant from 7:00 until 10:00 am. Any consumption outside of this schedule will be charged to the guest's individual account.
The Hotel Cabaña del Lago offers a meal service, which can be used for lunch or dinner and is based upon the Chef's Suggestion with a price of $10,500 CLP or $17 US. This price is limited to Individual reservations. For group pricing, please inquire directly in the hotel.
The menu includes a starter, main dish, dessert, one soft drink and tea or coffee (alcoholic beverages are not included in the menu price).

Hotel Cabaña del Lago does not charge its guests hotel taxes. Please bear in mind that in accordance with federal tax law, all Chileans, resident foreigners or foreigners who stay more than 59 days in Chile must pay the additional VAT tax of 19%.
All non-resident foreign guests are exempt from paying this tax by presenting the tourist card they received upon entering the country.

Bank details etc.
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